About Me

Born in Scotland, Georgina Merry has been actively involved in both writing and the performing arts from a young age. After years of juggling full-time work whilst writing articles & reviews for local publications, she now works freelance as a writer and voice talent, writes YA fiction under a pseudonym, and occasionally dabbles in poetry. On her Devil's Light Book Blog she posts about all things relevant to readers of YA, including book reviews and author interviews. She currently resides in East Lothian, Scotland.


If you have a YA or Crossover book you'd like reviewed, please email merrybawz@hotmail.com with details and a copy of the blurb.

Please note: My reading time is limited. As such, I'm incredibly selective about what I choose to review. If I dislike a book to the point where I can't finish, I won't post a review. Books with vampires will receive instant refusal.