Friday, 2 August 2013

Oh Dear.

The Ferryman's Wife received a 1 star review.  Regular followers may remember that it received another 1 star review last year.  It was from a bitter author who'd previously given it 4 stars. It was then removed by that author. Pingback 1 Star Attitude

This time, the 1 star review on Goodreads is from the co-owner of the "company" that published it last year. I can only wonder why they even published it in the first place. As a friend who's read the book pointed out, their review "By far the worst waste of time I've ever seen" implies that they haven't actually read it.

Once again, I'm left with 1 star out of spite instead of a critique. I'd far prefer to have a genuine 1 star than a fake 5 star. I suppose this is the risk an author takes when their book is published; to have ones work bad-mouthed by those who've yet to read it.

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