Friday, 12 October 2012


It's been a quiet week on TFW front, hence the lack of blog post on Monday. There's very little to report. What I've been trying to do is focus (Focus!) on writing an epic poem. It's called The Sorcerer and it is set to appear in a collection of stories and poems called Misery Loves Company due out in December through Mystic Press.

I do enjoy writing poetry. I take a different approach when constructing verse than I do when creating fiction. When I'm writing a story I need solitude and the ability to get into The Zone, whereas poetry I could write in a hurricane.

I want my poems to rhyme. I also enjoy words which when placed together play, like instruments in the mouth. I love clackety-clacks, slithering sumptuous sounds, punching punctuation;  awesome assonance and alliteration are the way! My poetry projects are verbal constructs of my command of the English Language. In my mind I see them like equations; when rhyming there are a limited number of  answers, right? Oh yeah, and I can rhyme with Orange too: door hinge, scavenge, lozenge, challenge... ooh, there's just so much fun to be had with such a venture!

With The Sorcerer I've attempted unconventional stanza, as well as a change rhythm half way through each verse as a vehicle with which to manipulate the pace. As I'm in a good mood today I'm going to show you verse one as a little teaser. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Signing out for today, see you all soon.

The winter night was stormy black,

The air was bitterly cold.

The full Wolf Moon was icy white,

Shining bright and bold.  

Streams of beams so silvery thin

Cracked the clouds apart,

Coursing through like the misty veins 

Of a glowing, glacial heart.

It shone down on the town below,

Over rooftops

Shimmering so,

Into the homes of Sister’s Knell,

A place you will not know. 

The Sorcerer, Verse 1, G Merry

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