Friday, 26 October 2012

Comment Appreciation Society

Well here we are again, with me making excuses for not posting... what can I say, I was on honeymoon! Besides, it's hard to tell who's actually keeping track. If more people commented then I'd know who was paying attention. Och! Forget the hints; Let's hear what you've got to say, folks! Have you read or are you going to read The Ferryman's Wife? What are your thoughts so far? If you have read it, how did it come into your possession? Is the genre something you would normally go for? Who are your favourite characters and why. Who do you hate? Or if you have any questions for me then feel free to comment.

Other than that, I've little to say this week. I'm feeling pretty ill with what I can only assume is a cold. Not that I've time to rest up, so it's Autopilot Mamma until it clears. It means I've very little brain power; all energy is diverted to getting on with  la grind. So writing is on hold. After all, if you don't require brain power to write, then your writing is probably brainless. However, my plan in the meantime is to get filling up my creative ink well with all those little things that get my imagination ticking. I've books to read, art to view, films and programs to watch, music to listen to. All of these are so important to me when writing fiction. They really spark my creativity to the point where I'm desperate to get writing. It offers me the best of both worlds, really. So the next couple of nights will be spent chilling out, getting better whilst "researching".

Have a great weekend folks And comment! Bloggers LOVE comments!

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