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Author Spotlight: Jenny Phillips (ROYA #9)

I have my grievances with networking, but when fortune connects me to other like-minded authors (and editors) it's a real plus. One person I've been lucky to make my aquiantance is up-and-coming Young Adult author Jenny Phillips [pictured]. With four books out, and more on the way, she's kept pretty busy. Thankfully, she's found time out from her hectic schedule to sit in my spotlight for a spell.

It's Magic

I've said it before, but it warrants repeating: YA and paranormal/fantasy make a damn good cocktail. The wonder one experiences through fantasy fiction, combined with the urgency of youth, often makes a compelling read. More often than not you end up finishing it a little sooner than you'd planned, too.

It seems escaping the hum-drum of everyday circumstance  is common amongst us YA authors, and Jenny Phillips is  no exception. "I like to read about the impossible, the things that aren’t supposed to exist in our world."

So why is Young Adult Jenny's genre of preference? "It has something to do with the process of finding yourself. It’s such a vulnerable age and at that point everything feels like a big deal." This is a lady who knows what she's talking about when it comes to teenage behaviour, "I coached high school girls for ten years, it kept me in touch with the good, bad and ugly of teenage drama."


Starting Off

"I was all about starting new ideas and never finishing them," Jenny ponders on how she came into  her career as a novelist, "Writing a series of ideas without any discipline to produce a whole story. After hearing myself say 'When I write a book…' for the hundredth time I finally asked myself what I was waiting for. I pushed myself to finish an entire book, with the help of two amazing personal cheerleaders. It was like I opened a flood gate... and I haven’t stopped since."

Something Different

It's all very well writing prolifically, but it can be tiring when there's little diversity in plot. Personally, I have about had it with vampires. I've read too many books, seen too many films, and I need a break. I'm suffering from what I've started calling a fangover.  Maybe I'll return to fanged fantasies in the future, I loved them once before, after all. For the moment I crave something fresher to sink my teeth into, whilst endevouring to only produce stories that I'd enjoy reading.

Jenny also appreciates the need for a little diversity in the fantasy genre. That's what's driven her to create The Broken Soul and Twisted Fairy Tales series.  "As much as I love to read about vampires, werewolves, witches…I wanted to create something of my own that didn’t yet exist...I wanted  my own world and call all of the shots."  



If you want to find out more about the kind of things Jenny writes about, check the descriptions on Amazon via the links below. I for one shall be reading and reviewing Gifted once my commitments allow, so watch this space...
As for Jenny, there's plenty more stories in the works. "Keep an eye out, I’ve got a lot of ideas for the future and am hoping to lure in new readers by branching out to different concepts. I just may release your new addiction in there somewhere."
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Purchase Links

Gifted (The Broken Soul #1) 
Unbroken (The Broken Soul #2) 
Twisted (A Twisted Fairy Tale Novella #1)
Distorted (A Twisted Fairy Tale Novella #2)
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