Saturday, 13 April 2013

Making Moves

Things are changing. On returning from my writing holiday I've had a chance to review my working situation, and I've come to certain decisions regarding how to move forward.

Making the decision to become self-employed last year was not an option. No matter how paltry my royalty payments are, they are earnings, and they need to be declared. Before my writing trip I'd been considering how best to utilise my time. Whether through modesty, or perhaps a lack of confidence, I've been selling myself short. With years of experience under my belt, as well as qualifications to back it up, I ought to be doing a lot more with myself. As such, I've been making plans and putting them into action. Slowly but surely, I'm getting into the swing of things.

I'm in the early stages of launching a new marketing campaign for Devils Light, which kicks off with a new cover for The Ferryman's Wife. This new cover is representative of the dawning of a new era in my career. It was never my intention to become an indie author, but I must play the hand I'm dealt, and play it to my best ability. It's a deliberate move to distance myself from the past, and the baggage that has unfortunately been attached to Book 1 through a certain 'publisher'*.

I'm not going to tell you all my plans, but I will reveal that I'll be doing more reviews in the future.  Reviewing is something I enjoy, but it has to be in-between writing books. Looking after my daughter is a full time job in itself, so when it comes to my own work I must be economical with my time. It usually means I end up having to choose between reading and writing; the travesty! I will announce details regarding reviews, submission details, and dates, in the near future.There are more plans in the pipeline; more strings to my bow. These will all be revealed in good time. Watch this space...

*I use this in the loosest, most sarcastic of terms.

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