Sunday, 14 July 2013

Poetry ~ A Find

In a bid to try and post more frequently, I started hunting out some of my old poems. I discovered this little number hidden at the back of one of my diaries. I wrote it around nine years ago about my boyfriend, who I then went on to marry last September. It's funny because time can change a lot of things. When you've picked up someone's dirty socks and heard them fart every day for nearly a decade, you can easily forget the aspects about them that first captured your heart. This was a nice reminder of why we are together. I'm sure this will be a nice surprise for him when he eventually gets round to reading my blog.

A gentle heart with strength of soul,

A mind ever-hungry to learn.

The softest touch yet a solid embrace,

A good ear to which others may turn.

An artist’s eye with a poet’s passion,

And character funny and bright.

Your talents many, your grumbles few,

You make the dark seem light.

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