Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Autumns Orchard (Speakeasy #82)

In Autumns orchard, branches burden bear,

Bursting to give the gifts they wish to share.

Sweet are the fruits so ripe, ready and round,

Full and juicy, maturity abound.

To touch, to taste, perchance to take a bite!

Smooth skin, softness within, a sheer delight!

Titillating in mouth on tongue, and lips,

The nectar flows and down the chin it drips.

Licking as juice sticking to fingers wet.

Deliciousness as good as it can get.


  1. How fun! Now I want to go eat an apple :)

  2. I love the sensory details in this (and it made me want to eat an apple, too). Thank you!