Saturday, 1 December 2012

1 Star Attitude

Well it has yet again been a funny old week. Between the craziness of a certain Voldemort of a publishing company, (They-who-must-not-be-named) and the hurdles of day-to-day life, I am one tired bunny. 

I also received my first 1 star review this week. I only wish it were actually a genuine critique of my work. I am open to criticism; I want to improve as a writer and I love hearing what I could do to be better. A 1 star review does not upset me as it stands. Sadly, this person actually removed a 4-star review and replaced it with a 1 star, purely because she decided to act on a hissy fit. I'd approached her about joining the collaboration me & a few others are doing for charity. Rather than see it as an invite & an opportunity, this particular author got hostile. Well,  I don't do hostility. So, I told her that although she'd received my support up to then, she would get it no more. Rather than go about being a mud-slinger, I discretely removed the book from my to-read list on Goodreads and kept quiet. I didn't want to be horrid, I just didn't want to support her anymore after she'd been rude to me. However, when I noticed the blank 1 star review today, instead of the "wonderful debut novel" review, I decided to speak my mind. Why was I being nice? Why did I not just actually say what I thought of her book? That it was so dull, poorly written and badly edited, it had been putting me off reading it for about a month.  I had fallen prey to this Nicey-Nice culture of not actually writing my opinion. So I did. I wrote my review, my genuine opinion, and posted it earlier today. Now please understand, I don't normally do tit-for-tat. But when someone decides to act like a tit... well, you get me, I'm sure. Besides, my bad reviews are always far more entertaining.

I am now looking for genuine, honest reviewers, and if you think that you are someone for the job then please post a comment below & a place to connect. With The Ferryman's Wife soon to be re-released, some reviews would work a treat. If you have read it already, but haven't left a review, then this is the time to do so. It's still up on Goodreads so please do post. It doesn't have to be long or complicated - just your thoughts. And if you just want to leave a star rating - well, that's fine too. It's only deleted & altered reviews out of spite that I take umbrage with.

Speak soon.

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