Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cantona Music (ROYA #6)

I suppose I should expect to find musicians stocking shelves in the local supermarket. Supermarkets are ideal for those who dread daylight and take solace in the cake aisle. No matter what, unless you're born rich, seldom do you get to be an artist without working some job to support yourself. In the beginning at least. But there's even a stigma towards what minimum wage job an artist 'should' have. For example, being a writer and working in a coffee shop is almost chic these days. It's the writers in offices I feel for the most... but I digress.

A few weeks ago, in my local Co-op, I overheard a young lad talking about his need to tour with his band. I decided to butt in, and we got chatting. Turns out he's the front man to an indie rock band called Cantona , and they're looking for away gigs. What they need is some exposure, and I'm in a position to provide this. But not without giving my opinion along with it, of course.

When asked to describe the band, I was told Cantona was "four guys who like beating the living daylights out of [their] instruments, whilst making beautiful music all the same."

Indeed, the clanging-ly melodic tunes of Cantona have certainly got appeal. Listening to their tracks on bandcamp put me in mind of many Young Adult movie soundtracks. "We try our hardest to maintain a certain sound," Guitarist Matt Conlon told me in an interview "We're trying to play music that can suit everyones best strengths and tastes, as well as music that we think other people will enjoy."

Things are on the move for this group of young Scottish chaps, "We're about to film our first music video for our new single "See Sense in This" and we're having some very early discussions about recording our debut album."

Exciting times. I'm glad that I met Luke in my local supermarket. I may not be great at networking online, but you just watch me when I go out for bread. Knowing that Luke is Cantona's front man, it's easy to see why he takes it all so seriously, i.e. networking. As well as being a guitarist, when it comes down to it, as lead singer your neck is on the proverbial block. Well, rest easy Luke. Your neck isn't fully chopped off today. Maybe just a little nicked by my forthcoming cutting remark: You have an incredible talent for songwriting and musicianship, but I'm not sure your voice suits your music. Sorry.

I really enjoy where Cantona's music takes me, and the intricacy of the guitar riffs is sublime.   There's real, indisputable skill in their performance. Luke's voice isn't offencive, by any means.  He has a soft, Scottish lilt that carries over the epic waves of electric guitar, which come smashing down without reprieve.

Cantona show real promise, and I hope they get the attention they deserve. I can easily imagine them making soundtracks for book trailers. Maybe even movie soundtracks and more - they just need to be out there! So if you like their sound and want them for a gig, get in touch by emailing

Thankfully, I hear that they aren't just waiting for "fame" to come knocking, and adopt a hard work ethic. "We're always writing new music and we're drawing more influences from all different kinds of books, plays and poems, as well as other music." Nice to know that literacy still plays a big part in modern music, "For example," guitarist Matt explains, "I've been inspired to write some music tonight after watching some skateboarding videos and reading some quotes from 'The Merchant of Venice'. You can't say we're not diverse!" No, I can't. Boy, I don't miss high school at all.

I'd love to know what you think of Cantona, and whethere you agree with me or not. Please feel free to leave a comment below. In the meantime, Good Luck Cantona!

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