Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Crafting (Speakeasy #95)

A hush descended over the room.

Granny Annika grabbed her broom,

She cleansed the air

By sweeping it bare

Of past transgressions and unseen gloom.


On the alter two candles were lit,

For the goddess and god, to wit.

A small brass bell,

A goblet as well,

And some salt in a pink glass basket.


Aunt Sue, the twins and Cousin Sinéad

Had sweet meats and offerings made.

Dressed in purple,

They cast a circle,

Calling The Guardians to their aid.


Granny Annika then stepped forward,

Athame in hand, facing northward,

With hum and chant

She did then incant,

In a solemn voice she conjured:


“Give us your blessing, oh Sun, oh Moon,

That we may find happiness soon.

Please help our task,

And grant what we ask,

So we might with your wisdom commune.”


With white silk cloth and with thread of red

Each declared a hair from their head

As offering

For good luck to bring,

To return their sister, beloved.


Aunt Sue collected the offering.

Cousin Sinéad began to sing,

Ringing the bell

Thus ending the spell,

Dismissing whom they’d been conjuring.


They all then feasted on the sweet meats,

Then to the garden with their treats,

Holding hands tight,

They sat in the night,

Silently connecting their heartbeats.


Then after just a moment or three

The twins they dug a hole, you see.

In the gifts fell

For all time to dwell,

As the witches said “So mote it be.”


  1. I especially enjoyed the rhyme scheme of this poem. The title is perfect, as well.

  2. Ugh! Missed an 'a' from the last verse! Now updated,(Grrr). Sorry about that.

  3. Love the imagery and the simple construction; makes for a nicely flowing piece!

  4. I just love your poetry. You have such an incredible talent and are such a pleasure to read!

    1. Thank you very much, that's very kind of you to say. :)

    It spoke to me of familiar things, and I absolutely loved the rhyme and pacing.
    You nailed it.

  6. I like how you did this with verse and rhyme, I don't see that often on these sorts of prompts.

  7. Not easy to create a story in verse, but you did really well with this.

  8. I like the title and especially love lines 3-5.

  9. I usually do not like rhyming poetry...too sing-songy, too elementary but you pulled it off. I love it!

  10. Such a fun response to the propmts! I love the first stanza...

  11. Lovely! Wonderful rhyming scheme, fantastic story inside the verse!

  12. Very clever, I'm jealous. It is really well done.

  13. This is brilliant! I really liked it.