Sunday, 24 February 2013

Short and Sweet

I'm keeping my post short this weekend. I've had a heck of a week, and have another one looming ahead of me. It's not all bad! Just busy, busy, busy. My energy is unable to match my fervour, and my enthusiasm depletes accordingly.

There's certainly been some productivity this week on the writing front. I do hope next week will be just as productive, if not more so. I have an  important meeting tomorrow evening which will no doubt set the tone for the writing week.

I've become so precious about my time over the last few years, probably since becoming a mother. There's so little of it that's just for me. And even less of that is for writing. I'm looking forward to the Easter holidays as I've got a writing holiday booked. Okay, so it's not a lake/loch side log cabin (the ultimate dream: my writing holiday home) but it's space, peace and quiet to crack on with The Heart Thief.

One thing that has struck me about writing the second book in Devils Light is how much more comfortable I am with the plot and with my character portrayals. Beforehand, when writing a chapter a week for this blog, I was never sure if my characters were convincing, or if the plot was intriguing. Those fears have been put to rest. This time around there's a lot more emotional content, which I perceive to be my next challenge in becoming a successful YA fiction author. Of course, you'll have to let me know on that score. 

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you feel more comfortable with everything! :)