Thursday, 31 January 2013

Book Review: Of Darkness And Light (ROYA #4)

This week I am reviewing Of Darkness and Light (Shadow of the Nephilim) by YA author Lily Crussell. Warning: This is most definitely one for the girls.

Admittedly, I haven't read many angel stories. In fact, the only books I recall having anything to do with angels are Cassandra Clare's urban fantasy The Mortal Instruments and Steampunk The Infernal Devices. Actual angels don't even feature that much in them.They're not really my thing, but Lily Crussel's book has at least taught me that I don't mind them. My belief on the existence of angels is irrelevant. This is Fantasy after all, and I'm not one for dwelling on the mundane.

My Angel

Seventeen year old Elora is discontent, but getting on with things. That is, until something unseen starts attacking her. With her parents away a lot, she feels pretty isolated. It's not helped by that fact that her best friend's mother hates her. Universally sceptic, when a handsome stranger comes into her life she suspects the worse. However, celestial intervention is what's required to save Elora from her vicious, invisible assailant.  But when she discovers she's destined to be the love of  angel Raziel, it's pretty hard to take in. Especially considering she doesn't even believe in angels.

Until about 2/3 through I was ready to give this book 3 out of 5 stars. There are a few typos, but nothing that detracts from the story.   It does drag a bit though, in the build up to the romance. There were aspects that were sweet, but I wasn't particularly interested. It takes more than a "perfectly beautiful" male to capture my interest. If you're into angels I imagine it's quite lovely. However, the pace picks up and the plot thickens when an entertaining new character steps into play.

Dance with the Devil

Before Raziel mysteriously disappears, he tells Elora that it's Nephilim attacking her.  But angels aren't supposed to believe in them, so Elora has difficulty convincing other angels that Nephil has taken her boyfriend. Cue Lucifer (not to be mistaken for Satan), a mischievous, lovable rogue, oozing with hypnotic charm.

As this book made me laugh out loud it definitely gets 4 out of 5 stars. As a rule, anything that makes me laugh or cry automatically gets 4 stars minimum. If it makes me do both, 5 stars. I found myself looking forward to Lucifer's appearances. His arrival brings humour to the story, making it a far more compelling read.  He's completely mischievous and devilishly irresistible. Certainly, as much as I enjoyed Elora's pragmatic, if somewhat paranoid navigation of her plight, I much preferred her impish nature around the fallen angel. More of that, please. There's some really grisly bits which were great. I'll definitely be up for reading more of this series.


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