Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Poetry ~ Winter's Warm

I wasn't inspired enough by this week's Speakeasy prompts to write a poem. However, I had this one going spare. Enjoy.

With Winter’s warm affection feel
The crispness, crystal white,
Kissing cheeks and making rosy;
Cosy, wrapped up tight.
Smelling snow in the air,
Red berries and evergreens.
Birds twitter, scatter, scour for feed
Preparing by any means.
Sparkling frost on branches reach
And dreamlike twinkle wink.
Cold and runny noses
Line up at the outdoor rink.
Grey clouds quilt the sky above
And pass on downy breeze.
It chills, but still, the pleasure thrills
And with the heart agrees.
Then dark arrives apace and early,
Begging for candle flame
To light the night and flicker bright,
And any worries claim.
Peat fires burn away the blues,
Heating bones and souls austere.
Making the very, merry best
Of this wondrous time of year.

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