Saturday, 19 January 2013

Made it to Teen Titles

Thanks to Stuart Swarbrick
for supplying this image.
There are times when I work hard with no immediate result. I plod away, plugging my book and generally annoying all and sundry with constant reminders of where to buy it. This has to be irritating. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is. Still, many need reminding that my book is for sale. Persistent advertising does work, my sales sheets show this. It's almost as though with every advert one copy gets sold. Is it worth it? Of course! But no doubt at the cost of having all my other posts silenced by disinterested parties.

Regular readers will know that last year I organised a promo event at my old high school. While there I was interviewed by some of the pupils who had read my book. The interview and reviews were to be featured in Teen Titles, a book magazine that goes out to all the schools in Edinburgh. Well, turns out that now, 4 months after, ITeen Titles is out.  With four fantastic reviews of The Ferryman's Wife, I really couldn't be happier. Here's hoping that I get a good return from the feature.

Sometimes it simply takes a little longer to reap the rewards of ones efforts. I'll bide my time and continue to plod away. Hopefully, it wont all be for nothing.

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  1. How lovely!
    I've just saved it and I'm prouder and prouder every day!! xx