Wednesday, 2 January 2013

It’s a Corker! (Speakeasy #90)

New Year’s Eve? Oh, we didn’t do much,

Except go to the supermarket, for drinks, nibbles and such.

We grabbed some pop, and some champagne,

And battled the crowds (a bit of a pain).

In the aforementioned aisles, we saw people we knew,

We chatted, wished them the best, and then joined a low(ish) queue.

Fuel top-up, then we dropped by a friend’s

To give them some fizz, and bid good Year Ends.

Then off to our reservation; our new tradition!

A family meal; who needs a party invitation?

Tasty food, but no hanging around,

Mummy needs a drink! So, we return to home ground.

Bottles of plonk just waiting to be popped,

Felt like the first time all day that I’d stopped.

Cava first (Champagne for the bells)

Any troubles with bubbles are soon dispelled

Pyjamas then on, felt comfy at last,

Pondered on how the last year’s went so fast.

Popped the good stuff as New Year was rung in,

Sent good wishes to our friends and our kin.

Effervescent relief as glasses clink.

Happiness symbolised by this decadent drink.

-          True Story


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend New Year's Eve! And a great tradition, too.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Very melodic. It's always nice when something such as your recent evening can be captured so perfectly into a nice little piece of writing. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year and great job weaving your story into a poem!

  4. This was fun. I really enjoyed it and the sentiment too. Special moments should be spent with family.